Sick of Dieting and Not Getting Results?

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Introducing our life changing program

Making Peace with your body

Making Peace with your Body is a 6 week highly personalized program  that will transform how you view and feel about your body.

 Does any of this sound like you?

• Are you missing out on living your best life now because of your weight?

• Are you putting off that beach vacation because you don’t like the way you look in a bathing suit?

• Do you leave the room when the camera comes out for that family photo?

• Are you worried about our double chin every time you take a selfie?

• Do you feel ashamed of what you see in the mirror?

• Do you feel like you are unlovable because of your body size?


If this sounds like you you that you are not alone!

What if you could live your best life now in the body you have now and not feel ashamed of your body?

What if you woke up one day and all of those feelings of shame and guilt about your body have disappeared.

We have helped hundreds of women go from despising the dressing room mirror to feeling confident in their bodies so that they no longer feel ashamed of who they are.

If I can do it, so can you!

Making Peace with your Body

will teach you how to…

*  Make peace with the reflection you see in the mirror

*  Stop comparing yourself to others and love the body you have now

*  Unlearn the thought patterns of self-loathing and transform those thought patterns into self love

*  Celebrate your unique beauty

*  Build a self-care toolbox to support you on your body positive journey

*  Change your life forever so that you can get off the diet rollercoaster and begin to live your best life now

*  Change the conversations that you have with yourself about your body

*  Letting go of old behaviors so that you can embrace your body

*  Create a long term plan for an amazing future filled with success


What People Are Saying…

“ You have it right – you have to love yourself so that you have a foundation on which to build self-care.  I think many larger women are made to feel so ashamed by others, by the media, even by our loved ones, that we believe that we are as unworthy and pathetic as they tell us we are.  And so we give up.  Making Peace with Your Body is just what I needed to start believing in myself again.” – Valerie Bruno

“  I cannot thank you enough for this program. For the first time in my life I feel like I am not alone and for the first time I can look at myself in the mirror and like what I see.  You have touched a piece of my soul that desperately needed some love. THANK YOU!” – Molly Moore

“Making Peace with your body has inspired me to re-think how I feel about my body.  I have thrown away my scale and I am now focusing on me not the number” – Angela Randazzo

Are you ready to jump off the diet roller coaster and live your best life now…

Let’s Do It Together!!


What’s Included:

Unlimited LIFETIME Access to the following:


6 modules outlining the exact strategies I used to make peace with my body

Unlimited access to video tutorials, online fillable peace sheets, checklists & guides

Exclusive resources contributed by guest experts


 Join a sisterhood of amazing women who are on a journey to self love just like you

Access to a Private Facebook group where you can share your story, struggles and your successes with

women who know exactly what you are going through


Weekly prerecorded video coaching calls where I walk you through the journey to making peace with your body.

Deep intense self-study coaching that will teach you the tools that you need to live your best life now in the body you have now.


Here is a sneak peek as to what you get when you register


Module 1

Body Perspective

Where does body image from?

Where do your thoughts, opinions and feelings about our bodies come from? Our childhood, family, culture, and the media have all had an influence on how you grew to view your body. It’s time to give yourself permission to let go of old stories and move into the next phase of being present in your body and loving it as it is.


Module 3

 Changing the Story

Exploring your conversations with your body

We were taught to dislike our bodies, and we can unlearn those thoughts and patterns of self-hatred.  By looking inward you can determine what types of negative behaviors and self-talk we engage in. Analyzing what we’ve been doing, deciding if that’s still working for us, and then letting go of those behaviors.


Module 5

  Self-love and Compassion

Bad body days – we all have them and you are not alone!

As we make progress on our journey to love our bodies, we will face challenging experiences, interactions, and thoughts. Not everyone is on the same “Body Love” train that you are on.  This module focuses on developing coping skills and mechanisms for dealing with situations that will challenge our newfound body positivity.


Module 2

Love the body you have today

Yes it can be done!

No matter what your body was like in the past or what it might be in the future, you can learn to love your body right now. In this module you will gain the skills you need to love and appreciate your body by celebrating your unique beauty learn to find the joy in it once again.


Module 4

 What is health anyway

 Your body = your rules

We’ve spent our entire lives being told what is “the right way” to be in our bodies, how we should look, dress and eat for our bodies. This module focuses on discovering for ourselves what way of eating, caring for our hearts and minds, and moving is right for us. This will be a big re-thinking of healthy practices and movement in these major parts of our lives.


Module 6

Moving Forward

 You got this!


The intent is for you to use the tools you have gained in this course to change your life forever, not just for the duration of the course.  Our goal is to keep in this positive mindset and continue to build on it as we learn to love ourselves more. This module is a celebration of who you are in your body, your progress and prepare yourself for the amazingness that is still to come!!  You are amazing!!

And if that wasn’t enough you also have exclusive access to these fantastic BONUSES


Are you ready to make peace with your body

and jump off the diet roller coaster forever!!


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